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Healthy Vending Solutions
We Specialize In Healthy Vending for Schools

If you’re looking for an easy but effective healthy vending program you've come to the right place! Blue Moose Vending Management has created a healthy vending program to help schools and workplaces implement a program that identifies products which meet specific nutrition guidelines. 

Our Fit Pick program provides products placed in our vending machines which fit all of the National Nutritional Guidelines.  We feel it is our responsibility to provide healthy products in our machines which will help educate our children/consumers so they will learn to make healthy choices.  Our products look good and taste good.  It's not just water and Gatorade. We want to be play a role in educating not only our children but also adults by giving them the tools they need to fight off obesity.  Along with physical activity, healthy food is just one of the elements of a balanced life.  Good friends and family brings it all full circle.


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We're now a member of Fit Pick! For a list of approved Fit Pick items, click below:

Download FitPick Spreadsheet

The Fit Pick program is flexible and can help in a variety of settings, and includes two different nutrition standards that can be implemented depending on your needs.

  • Fit Pick Standard 35-10-35: Identifies products with not more than 35% of their calories from fat, not more than 10% from saturated fat, and not more than 35% of the total weight from sugar (nuts and seeds excluded).
  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation Standard:Popular with schools, their standard begins with the 35-10-35 guidelines and then adds caps on sodium and calories. This standard meets California guidelines for schools.  
  • A healthy vending policy gives a school district the opportunity to control the array of products sold or advertised to students while generating much needed revenue from the sale of healthy products.
  • This program will help your work place or school district create a healthy vending program that fits within any established wellness p X olicy by making sure products sold meet the wellness policy's nutritional standards.
Just give us a few minutes to sit down with you so we can show you our machines and products. It's time to start a new way of using vending machines.


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